Repairs to damaged light-rail equipment in Folsom nearly complete

Light-rail service to Folsom’s historic district is expected to resume by March 13, three months after a truck transporting an oversize load severely damaged equipment on Sacramento Regional Transit’s Gold Line.

A tractor-trailer ran into the crossing gate mechanism at the Natoma Street intersection in Folsom on Dec. 12, causing it to make contact with the power line running above the track. That sent high voltage into the signal and grade-crossing protection systems, according to an RT news release.

The damage, described as some of the worst the light-rail system has experienced, has prevented trains from reaching central Folsom. Officials projected in late December that the repairs could take two months.

Sacramento Regional Transit announced Thursday that repairs to an instrument case are nearly complete. The equipment is being tested and will be installed the first weekend in March, according to an RT news release. A series of safety tests will follow the installation, allowing service to resume to the Historic Folsom and Glenn light-rail stations.

Cathy Locke: 916-321-5287, @lockecathy