Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don’t want to miss

Food trucks line the roadway near the railyards during the SactoMoFo 10 food truck event in Sacramento on Saturday, April 29, 2017.
Food trucks line the roadway near the railyards during the SactoMoFo 10 food truck event in Sacramento on Saturday, April 29, 2017. rbenton@sacbee.com

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1) Why most black Sacramentans still can’t buy a home eight years after Great Recession

By the turn of the century, the black homeownership rate in Sacramento County was higher than the statewide average and higher than other California urban centers such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Those days have passed.

John and Norma Cranshaw took out a subprime loan on their south Sacramento home in 2006 and later lost it to foreclosure. “They said they would be there to help us,” said John Cranshaw, 69. “Once they got the money, they were gone.”

2) California gas tax increase is now law. What it costs you and what it fixes

Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law billions of dollars in higher fuel taxes and vehicle fees, the state will have an estimated $52 billion more money to help cover the state’s transportation needs for the next decade.

3) Another giant California dam has downstream residents worried

Northern California has several significant dams that represent important parts of the state's water management and flood-control projects, including Trinity and Lewiston.

4) A talker: Have Sacramento food trucks reached the end of the road for large-scale events?

Saturday’s SactoMoFo 10 marked the final large-scale event hosted by Sacramento Mobile Food, a company that helped launch the local mobile food craze.

Andrew Blaskovich of Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen announces at SactoMoFo 10 that he will debut a new truck that will feature a new take on Mexican food.

5) Popular on Twitter: Fix the Kings? New exec has elevated other teams – and helped recover from a huge bust

Scott Perry was hired as the Kings executive vice president of basketball operations on April 21. Perry discusses how he plans to work with the team's other leadership and gives his thoughts on the Sacramento community.

6) Popular on Facebook: Millions of gallons of sewage water poured into streams near Lake Berryessa

Two of the state’s four biggest sewage spills this winter came from an unlikely source – a tiny wastewater district near the rolling green hills and vineyards of Napa County.

A tiny wastewater district at the edge of Lake Berryessa is the state's largest sewage spiller.

7) Popular on video: West Sacramento parents welcome scale-tipping newborn

Baby Valentino Francisco Corsetti, the third child of a West Sacramento couple, made a big entrance into the world Friday morning, weighing in at 13 pounds, 11 ounces after his birth.

Kelly Corsetti talks about her delivery of her 13-pound, 11-ounce baby Valentino, who was born Friday morning. Sutter Davis officials say he is likely the hospital's heaviest baby and falls above the 99th percentile for birth weight.