Why is this guy walking around Sacramento with a mule?

A bearded man walked with a mule down Freeport Boulevard this morning, not exactly the sight commuters see every day.

It was nomadic traveler and activist John Sears, 69, who has traveled across the West with pack animals for more than a decade. He wants more people to connect with nature and seeks to stop sprawling developments, which he dubs “Megatropolis.”

The Bee last spoke to him in 2015 when he lobbied legislators to rethink the freeway system. He had three mules at that time, but only one today - Little Girl, according to his Facebook page. In past posts, he said his other two mules are retired at ranches.

Before his trip through Sacramento on Thursday, Sears posted that he stayed all Wednesday “somewhere in Elk Grove.”

Based on Sears’ website 3mules.com, not everyone is fond of his journey – namely, authorities in the cities he’s visited. Sears lists 10 instances in which he’s been cited in the past for illegal camping.