How Roseville police are helping officer with brain cancer

Bobby Seich kisses his son, R.J., at home.
Bobby Seich kisses his son, R.J., at home. Danny Miller

The Roseville Police Department and community have rallied around an officer who is losing his fight with brain cancer.

Officer Bobby Seich was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008 at 25 years old and underwent a successful surgery to remove the tumor. However, a second tumor was found in 2015, shortly after Seich and his family moved to Roseville. After undergoing another procedure, Seich went through chemotherapy to treat the remaining cancer.

Meanwhile, Seich’s family began fundraising through the YouCaring crowdfunding site and selling “Bobby Strong” bracelets to offset the costs of his medical procedures and rehabilitation.

“Everybody just really stepped up even though they don’t really know him that well,” said Seich’s aunt, Jennifer Miller. “I’ve just been overwhelmed by the amount of support.”

The Roseville Fire Department hung “Bobby Strong” banners from the station doors and bought bracelets to sell at each station.

A local business, Elite Gymnastics, donated weekly classes for Seich’s 3-year-old son, R.J.

The Roseville Police Department pitched in by picking up Seich’s family from the airport, hanging their Christmas lights and providing meals.

“They’re a member of our family. (Seich) is a great officer” Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said. “Through the highs and lows, he’d come back to work. He’s a fighter.”

When Seich ran out of leave hours and faced mounting costs, officers in the department donated their catastrophic leave hours on two occasions so Seich could stay employed.

“Both times that they went out for catastrophic leave for Bobby, they got it within a day. That shows you how loved he is,” Hahn said.

When Seich wasn’t able to work as a police officer – he lost a portion of his speech – the department made him a detective so he could follow up and close cases.

In September, an MRI detected another tumor in Seich’s brain. Though on a chemotherapy regimen and trial drug, the tumor continued to grow.

“The tumor has now spread to the other hemisphere of his brain, which makes it inoperable because removing it would leave him severely disabled,” Miller said in a Nov. 11 post on the family’s crowdfunding page.

Seich stopped working for the Roseville police in March.

The family has raised $17,125 so far.

“The money will be used for funeral costs and the rest will go to R.J. because he won’t have a dad anymore,” said Seich’s uncle, Danny Miller, also an officer in Roseville.

Seich’s wife, Amber, has been caring for him despite growing symptoms from her own diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

“All the community has done and the police support have allowed Amber to stay by Bobby’s side,” Jennifer Miller said.

On May 27, Seich ceased receiving cancer treatment and began palliative care.

“We will continue to do whatever is necessary to take care of Bobby and his family,” Danny Miller said.