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Sacramento Bee Publisher Cheryl Dell and Executive Editor Joyce Terhaar introduce the redesigned and reimagined print and digital editions that debut May 12, 2015.
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Sacramento Bee Publisher Cheryl Dell and Executive Editor Joyce Terhaar introduce the redesigned and reimagined print and digital editions that debut May 12, 2015.

We are in the midst of an information revolution that has changed lives, governments and businesses around the world.

The news business – like music, movies, books and many other industries – has undergone dramatic change and upheaval in the last decade because of technology. You’ve watched newspaper coverage shrink in print and expand online. You’ve seen us break news on Twitter or post stories on Facebook. You’ve found videos, photo galleries and interactive graphics on our website or in our apps.

We’re not the only ones changing. So are you.

Last fall, we began working with our sister McClatchy newspapers to interview readers and news consumers of all ages and demographics, subscribers and non-subscribers, to learn how technology is changing news consumption.

We conducted hundreds of lengthy interviews aimed at learning how you start your day, when you look for news and how you find it. We surveyed thousands of additional readers. We began re-imagining our products and invited more readers to give us feedback, adjusting again. We asked our advertisers what they thought, as well.

We received a couple of messages loud and clear: Many of you are still attached to our printed Sacramento Bee even as you take full advantage of the Internet. And you continue to believe we play an important role in the community, not just because we keep you informed but also because we provide a vital watchdog role.

The challenge for us, then, was how to rethink our printed edition to reflect that you also find news elsewhere, but want a smartly edited newspaper to feel fully informed. We needed to continue our evolution online with an improved reader experience, particularly for readers whose news habits do not include print.

Tell us what you think of the changes: sacbee.com/newsallday

Today we’re responding, transforming the printed and online Sacramento Bee as we take a significant step forward in our evolution. But it’s just a first step. Well over half our online readers are coming to us on mobile devices, often a smartphone. It’s a far different way to consume news than reading the printed paper or even using a laptop. We are working methodically to vastly improve your reader experience, using the full power of the device you use. Watch this year as we experiment with how we can best tell stories in a mobile environment.

What you will notice first Tuesday is that we look different. The McClatchy Co., The Bee’s parent company, hired world-renowned news designer Mario Garcia to develop a new design that works on all our platforms, for a cohesive visual approach to news. It includes a new typeface unique to McClatchy news operations. A bonus: In print, we’ve slightly increased the size of the type for easier reading. More significantly for the print edition of The Bee, we’ve changed how we organize our news Monday through Saturday. (Sunday sections remain the same for now.)

Readers told us they were most satisfied with stories we report that are investigative or what we in the industry call “enterprise” – articles that aren’t part of the daily news report, but which provide context or connect to the community. We are reorganizing the newspaper to make it easier to locate that kind of work.

Given the fast pace of technological change online, we’re going to continuously update our site to better serve your needs. Our new design will highlight breaking news and more deeply reported enterprise and investigations. We’ll recommend some stories based on your reading habits, to help ensure you don’t miss coverage.

We will have more video reports and improved navigation. Look for new features such as “Track the Legislature” in our Politics section; the “Sports Extra” report in our e-Edition (baseball box scores and other late-breaking stats); and the Sports Night email newsletter with links to late-breaking game stories, stats and more.

You will see many changes Tuesday, but one thing will never change: Our commitment to you as the leading provider of news and information in the Sacramento region. Throughout our 158-year history, you’ve counted on us to create community connections, watch the powerful and share interesting information about the world around you. We appreciate being part of your lives. Visit sacbee.com/newsallday to tell us how we’re doing.

Cheryl Dell, Publisher: (916) 321-1885, cdell@sacbee.com, @cheryldell

Joyce Terhaar, Executive Editor: (916) 321-1004, jterhaar@sacbee.com, @jterhaar

Your new Sacramento Bee

Here’s a quick guide for print, Monday through Saturday.

▪ The first section, A, is a smartly edited summary of the 24-hour news cycle from local to world news. Page 2A features a news columnist, and the inside back page features the popular Names & Faces column and lottery results. Stock listings continue to run with the business coverage.

▪ The second section, B, is called Insight and features investigations and enterprise, along with our opinion columnists and editorial pages. Look for our deepest reporting here, including our Public Eye investigations. Find Marcos Breton, Dan Morain, Dan Walters, Jack Ohman and Shawn Hubler in this section. The redesigned weather report remains on the back page.

▪  Sports coverage starts on 1C, and on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, features coverage is in the back of the section. Sports stories emphasize personalities and enterprise stories unique to The Bee; Features – now called Explore – includes coverage of books, arts, health and the outdoors.

▪ On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, you will find a fourth section, D. The renamed Explore Food & Drink section publishes on Wednesday, Ticket – Explore Your Weekend on Friday, and Explore Home & Garden on Saturday.

▪ We haven’t forgotten about puzzles and comics. The TV and puzzles page publishes with Explore, including in Friday’s Ticket. Comics run in the C section Monday and Tuesday. On other days, they will be a separate front and back printed page packaged with our advertising supplements. (No change to puzzles and comics on Sunday).

▪ Redesigned advertising sections publish Friday through Sunday. Our Find & Save section, renamed Classified, runs in the C section Monday through Thursday and in advertising sections the rest of the week.