New Stephon Clark videos are released. Help us watch them.

Body camera footage shows Sacramento Police giving Stephon Clark CPR

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This video from a body-worn camera of a Sacramento Police officer arriving on the scene of the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark shows officers giving CPR to Clark.
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GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This video from a body-worn camera of a Sacramento Police officer arriving on the scene of the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark shows officers giving CPR to Clark.

The Sacramento Police Department Monday released 52 new video files and one audio file of the Stephon Clark shooting. The video and audio predominantly come from the body-worn and in-car cameras of officers responding to the scene of last month's fatal incident.

The Sacramento Bee is asking for your help to review this additional footage.

A team of a dozen reporters and editors in the newsroom is currently examining each clip, and will report on key moments in coming hours.

And community interest in the Clark shooting, both in Sacramento and around the country, is significant. We know many readers also will take the time to watch and think about this source material for themselves. (Find the videos on Sacramento Police's YouTube playlist at the top of this story.)

Sacramento police released 52 video files of the Stephon Clark shooting. This is an edited version of those videos from helicopter and body camera footage.

Many viewers have cultural competencies, whether from the law-enforcement perspective or from the community standpoint, that offer insight into how events unfolded during the incident. We want to know what you see and hear that strikes you as important.

Here is a Google spreadsheet where you can record your observations on each of the videos. Our reporters are monitoring this document and will follow up as information is received.

This is new for us - we are crowdsourcing information and expertise. We hope you will join us as we strive to transparently and fairly report this story, with a diversity of viewpoints and knowledge.

Background on Clark

Clark, 22, was shot and killed by two Sacramento police officers in south Sacramento on March 18. Police apparently thought Clark was armed with a gun, but he held only his cellphone when officers shot at him 20 times, striking him with eight bullets.

Police released video footage from the two officers involved in the shooting and others immediately on site days after it occurred, but are required by a city ordinance to release footage from all responding officers within 30 days of the incident.

The incident with Clark began when a man placed a 911 call at 9:13 p.m. reporting a person breaking vehicle windows in the 7500 block of 29th Street in Meadowview.

A Sacramento County Sheriff's Department helicopter responding to the scene located Clark in a backyard of a nearby home, though police have not definitively confirmed that Clark was the person breaking vehicle windows.

A deputy in the helicopter reported seeing Clark break a sliding glass door in the backyard where he first was spotted. The deputy said Clark used an object, described as a "toolbar," to break the window. Police later said a cinder block and a piece of aluminum similar to what is used in rain gutters had been taken into evidence, but could not say if either was the "toolbar" seen by the deputy.

The helicopter began filming Clark a few seconds later using a thermal camera. Clark jumped a fence into the adjoining backyard, which later was determined to be his grandmother's home, where Clark had been periodically staying.

The helicopter directed patrol officers on the ground to Clark's location. Two officers confronted him in the driveway of his grandmother's home, where they ordered him to show his hands.

Clark ran into the backyard of the home. Officers pursued him. Clark turned towards officers. One officer yelled, "Gun, gun, gun" before both began firing.

Clark died at the scene. No gun was found, but his iPhone was located next to his body.

His death has sparked renewed calls for police reform in Sacramento and nationally, especially in African American communities.

The Sacramento Police Department has released body cam footage of the Stephon Clark shooting where officers fatally shot the unarmed black man who was holding his cellphone in his grandparents' backyard.