Summer’s here, officially

Flying over Sac State on the first day of summer

CSUS is showcased on a beautiful June day.
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CSUS is showcased on a beautiful June day.

The first day of summer and rising temperatures brought flocks of people to local waterways on Thursday – along with officials’ reminders for people to follow safety rules and make smart choices while trying to beat the heat.

Among safety tips offered by the Sacramento Police Department is advice to heed new boating laws that require all operators of motorized vessels to pass a boating safety exam.

In addition, every person on a boat must have ready access to a life jacket and children under 12 must wear them at all times. Also, anyone under 13 swimming in public waters is required to wear a life jacket.

As for personal watercraft, they can go no faster than 5 miles per hour within 200 feet from a beach and 100 feet from swimmers. And the minimum age to operate a personal watercraft alone is 16.