Two in critical condition, others hurt after multiple-vehicle collision in Meadowview

Two people are in critical condition and four others are being tended to for minor injuries after a multiple-vehicle collision did “severe damage” to five cars in Sacramento’s Meadowview area, according to Sacramento fire spokesman Keith Wade.

The collision occurred just south of the intersection of 24th Street and 69th Avenue, Wade said. He added that it was a “dynamic scene” and that police department officers are undergoing an investigation to determine what happened.

John Robinson said his vehicle was hit when a sedan drove through a red light on 24th Street. Robinson said when the vehicle collided with his, it flipped and continued on through the light, colliding with three more vehicles on the other side of the intersection.

Robinson, 30, said the man who ran the red light jumped out of his vehicle and tried to run away, but was caught by the police. Robinson was with his son and fiance, who went to the hospital but are not the people in critical condition.

They have been transported to the local hospital, Sacramento police spokesman Vance Chandler said, but their injuries are unknown. The collision occurred around 5:15 p.m.