Pedestrian killed in Carmichael accident was retired CSUS professor

John J. Maykovich, a retired California State University, Sacramento, math professor, died Wednesday night after he was struck by a vehicle while walking along a Carmichael street.

California Highway Patrol spokeswoman Officer Lizz Dutton said that about 8:30 p.m., Maykovich, 82, was walking eastbound on Cypress Avenue, west of Walnut Avenue, not far from the Eskaton Village retirement community where he lived. She said Maykovich was walking a few feet into the lane when the driver of an eastbound vehicle saw him at the last minute. The driver tried to maneuver around Maykovich, but another vehicle was approaching westbound and the accident could not be avoided.

Maykovich was pronounced dead at 8:39 p.m., according to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office website.

Kim Nava, a CSUS spokeswoman, confirmed that Maykovich was a math professor at the university from 1969 to 1994.

John Wulff, former chairman of the CSUS math department, said he hired Maykovich, a professor of applied mathematics who primarily taught probability and statistics. He said the two shared an office for about 25 years. Wulff said Maykovich moved to Eskaton Village after his wife died and he seemed very happy there.

Dutton said Maykovich suffered from dementia, and personnel from Eskaton had been searching for him.

Doug Elmets, a spokesman for Eskaton, said Maykovich had resided in the assisted living section at Eskaton Village Carmichael since Oct. 31, 2011. In assisted living, as in the complex’s independent living quarters, residents are free to come and go, Elmets said.

“He was an active walker and former hiker,” Elmets said. “He had walked so much (Wednesday) that a caregiver was helping him soak his feet because they were swollen.”

Elmets said that about 8:05 p.m., the caregiver left Maykovich for a few minutes and returned to find him gone.

Staff members immediately fanned out to look for Maykovich, who had been diagnosed with dementia about two weeks earlier. As they were searching, they received a call from the CHP reporting that he had been struck by a vehicle.

Maykovich was wearing a bracelet with his name on it, Elmets said, allowing the CHP to quickly determine where he lived.

The incident, he said, has prompted a companywide review of policies and procedures. Elmets said security camera video did not show Maykovich leaving the premises.

Eskaton Village has six staff members dedicated to the 35 residents in assisted living.