How to keep a bear from getting stuck in your car

The Truckee Police Department is advising residents and visitors to secure their vehicles after bears entered three cars recently, causing major damage.

Although the bears weren’t driving, they nevertheless thoroughly wrecked the vehicles when the bruins found themselves unable to exit.

In the latest incident Sunday night, police responded to a report of a bear trapped in a car in Truckee’s Glenshire subdivision.

The bear had locked itself inside and caused significant damage to the interior of the vehicle. The car’s owner could not be located, so officers broke a window to release the bear.

On the night of Oct. 8, a bear got stuck in a car in the Prosser Lakeview subdivision and was let out by the vehicle’s owner.

And in an earlier incident, Sept. 30, a bear became trapped in a car on Alder Drive, near Alder Creek Middle School, and broke a window to escape.

“There was major damage to all three of these vehicles,” the Police Department’s news release states, adding, “imagine what a stressed, angry bear could do, stuck in your car.”

The Bear League, a nonprofit group that seeks to educate people to avoid human-caused bear conflicts, advises vehicle owners to:

Roll up the windows and lock the doors. Bears can open unlocked doors.

Never leave food or anything smelly in a vehicle (such as car deodorizers).

Put an open bowl of original-scent Pine Sol on the front seat. (Put a lid on it when driving.)

For more information, the Police Department suggests visiting the following web sites: