Paintings damaged by fire sprinkler in Sacramento

A fire suppression sprinkler caused water damage Tuesday to paintings at a midtown art complex.

A passerby about 7 a.m. noticed that water was in the building shared by Gallery 2110 and the Sacramento Art Complex at 2110 K St.

A sprinkler on the second story of the building malfunctioned, said Robert Ray, curator and exhibition coordinator. Water trickled down between the walls and down stairs to small studios in the art complex.

Much of the art damage occurred in bottom-floor studios where paintings hanging on walls were soaked. Firefighters and others quickly moved pieces to dry locations to prevent more damage.

“The primary art damage is in the studio where the malfunction initiated and four studios downstairs,” Ray said. He did not have an exact count of how many paintings were damaged.

David Winfield carried away wet oil paintings that earlier had been in the flooded studio where his wife, Beth Winfield, exhibited her artwork. She was out of town.

“People were nice enough to grab her paintings from the wall and put them on the back patio so they could start drying,” said Winfield. “She had nine pieces and they all got wet. I think most of them will be OK when they dry out.”