Roseville’s Revionics Inc. moving HQ to Austin, Texas

Another Sacramento-area business is moving its headquarters to the Lone Star State.

Revionics Inc., the Roseville-based maker of pricing software for the retail industry, announced Wednesdayit will move its headquarters to Austin, Texas.

The company, founded in 2002, employs about 30 in Roseville and said it will keep that office open and operating.

Spokeswoman Tricia Spellman said an unknown number of Roseville managers and employees will make the move to Austin by the end of the year. She stressed that none of the Roseville employees will be required to move.

Revionics said it will quadruple its office space in Austin and is already recruiting in that market. It said it will maintain its other offices in Scottsdale, Ariz., and London. The company employs about 120 in the United States. Spellman said active recruiting is ongoing at all offices, including Roseville.

The company opened an office in Austin in September 2012. At the time, Revionics cited the advantages of Austin as a technology hub.

On Wednesday, Revionics characterized its headquarters move as one of “growth and expansion.”

“As we enter into our second decade of strong growth, relocating to Austin helps position us for more rapid expansion in the retail technology industry and offers our employees the benefits of a culturally rich city with a relatively low cost of living,” said Marc Hafner, Revionics president and CEO. “We are excited to become part of the ‘Silicon Hills’ community, which currently includes leading technology innovators such as IBM, Dell, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Facebook, Oracle Corporation.

“With our global expansion, we also envision establishing offices in other regions of the world as our tremendous growth continues.”

Revionics noted that other technology companies have experienced robust growth in the Austin area.

The Revionics announcement is the latest in a series of moves that have put the California-vs.-Texas business/jobs scrap in the news. Texas Gov. Rick Perry made national headlines earlier this year with a California visit punctuated by remarks that characterized California as anti-business compared with Texas’ business-friendly climate.

The Sacramento region has absorbed its share of losses to Texas over the past two years.

In June, Daegis Inc., the Roseville-based electronic discovery and information-management firm, announced it would relocate its headquarters to Dallas. In 2011, Folsom-based trash hauling and recycling company Waste Connections Inc., a $1 billion-a-year firm, moved its headquarters to The Woodlands, Texas, outside Houston.

A Revionics spokesman had no comment when asked if Austin or the state of Texas provided tax benefits or other financial incentives to the company.

Dave Porter, senior vice president of economic development with the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, did offer this: “Revionics’ innovative software solutions diversifies the technology industry in the Austin area while reinforcing the attractiveness of the region to out-of-market companies from states such as California.”

Over the past several years, Revionics has steadily signed up a stream of national and international retailers. Clients include Safeway, BevMo, Food City and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Overall, Revionics software is used in more than 33,000 retail sites.

Revionics provides price-optimization software solutions to retailers, including base, promotion and markdown pricing. Advanced analytics weigh numerous variables, including customer behavior, geographic economics and retailers’ financial objectives. Revionics products/services have been delivered to retailers on a pay-as-you-go, software-as-a-service subscription over the Internet.