Sacramento area wind expected to die down later today

Today may be a good day to fly a kite - breezy but not as blustery as Sunday.

“It will be picking up through midday but probably by evening, it should be dropping off,” said Eric Kurth, forecast meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento of wind speeds today. “One more day of wind, and then the wind goes away.”

Gusts up to 35 mph may be possible in the Sacramento area, although generally, the north winds will be in the 10 mph to 20 mph range.

The winds are generated as low pressure from the northwest is moving east, while high pressure building up north is moving in.

“It’s trying to equalize the pressure,” said Kurth.

Sacramento saw winds up to 38 mph Sunday, with much of the Sacramento valley seeing 30 mph to 40 mph wind speeds, especially in the Chico area.

A high pressure ridge will start building over Sacramento Monday and sit tight for several days. When that happens, the winds will die down to a light breeze, between 5 mph to 10 mph.

The relative calm will last through Wednesday, with sunny skies. A small disturbance is expected to pass through just north of Sacramento Thursday, which will cause the southern wind to pick up a bit, bringing some clouds.

Temperatures will be close to seasonal for much of this week. Today will see the low 70s, but by Thursday, it will creep up to the mid 70s. However, as the small weather disturbance passes through on Friday, the highs will drop to the low 70s.

By the weekend, the daytime thermometer readings will dip even lower - down to the mid-60s on Saturday and Sunday, and possibly, the low 60s next Monday. Lows all this week will be in the mid 40s, although Thursday night will see the night time readings rise slightly to the upper 40s.

The normal high for Sacramento at this time of the year is 69, with a low of 49. But when there is a cloud cover, the days will be warmer than normal, and the nights a bit cooler than normal.

A possible storm coming in late Sunday into Monday may bring some rain to Sacramento.

“There is some potential but it’s so far out, so much can change,” said Kurth. “This is the time of the year when the rains start. It’s going to be relatively quiet this week, but maybe next week, we might get some of that fall wetness that comes around.”