No rain forecast for Sacramento until Veterans Day

The Sacramento area will see some clouds moving in Wednesday, but no rain until possibly Monday, on Veterans Day.

Temperatures will be warmer than normal Wednesday, with a high of 74 degrees and light winds. Overnight lows will drop to 48 degrees.

Thursday is expected to be the warmest day this week, with the high reaching near 76, and partly sunny skies.

However, it may be a bit breezy - southwest winds 5 mph to 10 mph in the morning, and west northwest winds 5 mph to 8 mph at night. The overnight low will be around 47 degrees.

A high pressure ridge parked over the west coast is responsible for the warmer than normal tempertures and the light winds. But the ridge flattens out on Thursday when a storm front north of the Sacrmaento area will brushes against it.

Friday will see mostly clear skies, and a high of 72 degrees. But there will still be west northwest winds 3 mph to 6 mph. Nightfall will see temperatures dropping to 45 degrees.

The weekend will be mostly sunny during the day, and partly cloudy at night. Highs for Saturday and Sunday will hover around 70 degrees, and lows around 46 degrees.

There is a slight chance of rain for the Sacramento area for the early part of next week, and temperatures will start dropping slightly - highs on Monday will be 68 degrees, while Tuesday will see the thermometer reading slide to only 65 degrees during the day.