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During the 1990s, a woman named Kristy King was shot in a drive-by shooting as she was moving into an apartment on O Street. Were her killers ever caught?

– C12, Sacramento

Although two youths, one 17 years old and the other 18, were arrested in connection with the March 30, 1994, shooting death of Kristy Ann King, court records do not show that either was charged in the case.

Authorities at the time described King, 33, as the innocent victim of a gang-retaliation shooting. She was moving into an upstairs apartment at 9:30 p.m. at 21st and U streets when she heard a neighbor calling police to report two gang members lurking outside the apartment, according to a story in The Bee.

The neighbor armed herself and headed outside to warn another neighbor to stay away, and one of the suspected gang members started shooting at the complex. A stray bullet hit King in the back of the head, and she died a short time later at UC Davis Medical Center.

What happened in the case of the father and son in North Highlands who were shot in their home?

– Patricia, Sacramento

Fifteen-year-old Aaron Michael Crisp and his 48-year-old father, Michael Gregory Crisp, were found dead in their home on Bismarck Drive in North Highlands the night of Oct. 31, 2007.

The case remains unsolved.

According to stories in The Bee, Christine Crisp, Aaron’s mother and Michael’s ex-wife, discovered them about 9:20 p.m. when she went to the home after not hearing from her son for a day.

Sacramento County sheriff’s officials said investigators found the bodies in separate areas of the house. According to coroner’s officials, Aaron Crisp died of multiple gunshot wounds, and his father was shot in the head.

Investigators found no weapons. They also reported no signs of forced entry and no indication that either victim knew the assailant.

Was Susan Jacobson, the Roseville woman who went missing this past May, ever found?

– HFish, Sacramento

Susan Jacobson has not been found.

The 59-year-old Sun City Roseville resident was last seen about 6 a.m. May 1 when she told her husband that she was going grocery shopping and running errands. Her car, with her purse inside, was found in the Raley’s shopping center at Woodcreek Oaks and Pleasant Grove boulevards. Her wallet – minus cash and credit cards – was found and turned in at a nearby Starbucks, authorities said.

Volunteers searched parks and open spaces in the Sun City area a few days after the disappearance. As of July, The Bee reported, Roseville police had scaled down their investigation, saying they had few fresh leads. They were still unsure whether Jacobson was the victim of foul play or left of her own will.

Family members said they had hired a private investigator to search for leads.

A couple of years ago, a Sacramento tax attorney named Roni Deutch was the target of an investigation by the California Department of Justice. She was accused of bilking clients. Is she facing charges?

– Just Wondering, Sacramento

A civil lawsuit filed against former Sacramento tax attorney Roni Lynn Deutch in August 2010 by the California attorney general’s office has not been resolved, according to Sacramento Superior Court online records.

The suit alleges that Deutch swindled clients, charging individual clients up to $4,700 for tax help but delivering little or no results. As part of the lawsuit, she was ordered to pay $435,000 in refunds to dissatisfied clients.

While maintaining that she is innocent, Deutch closed her offices and surrendered her law license in May 2011, saying she was broke and unable to continue operating her business.

– Cathy Locke

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