Gang sweep targets friends of alleged Roseville cop shooter

More than a dozen associates of Sammy Duran, accused of shooting police officers, joined him behind bars Wednesday after the Roseville Police Department teamed up with six other law enforcement agencies in a gang suppression sweep.

The effort resulted in the arrest of 27 people, with eight more detained on immigration holds, said Dee Dee Gunther, a spokeswoman for the Roseville Police Department.

Duran, who police say is a validated member of the Sureños gang, allegedly shot two law enforcement officers and injured four others in a shootout Oct. 25 that included a lengthy manhunt and standoff in Roseville’s Theiles Manor neighborhood.

After Duran’s arrest, the department learned that people who had helped the police during the incident were being threatened and intimidated, Gunther said.

“The goal (of the operation) was to increase the safety of the neighborhood and to protect law-abiding residents from threat and gang intimidation,” Gunther said. “People in that area have a right to a safe neighborhood and environment to raise their families.”

Wednesday’s action was reminiscent of an operation that city officials said helped to greatly diminish the city’s gang problem in the mid 2000s. In that case, a special enforcement unit targeted specific problem areas and individuals.

This time around, the department created a list of people to check in on. Executing seven search warrants, the team found drugs, guns and drug paraphernalia. Some arrestees are facing conspiracy charges. While the focus was the Theiles neighborhood, the operation included other locations in Placer, Sacramento and Yuba counties.

Participating in the sweep were members of the Placer and Sacramento county sheriff’s departments, the Rocklin Police Department, the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and Homeland Security.

Duran is facing a preliminary evidence hearing Dec. 13.