South Sacramento neighbors wake up to a slew of slashed tires Christmas morning

Residents of a south Sacramento neighborhood got a rude awakening Christmas Day after an unknown individual went on a rampage slashing tires left and right.

The incident happened sometime on Christmas Eve or early Christmas Day, neighbors said.

Hoa Hoang, who lives on Hayfield Circle, southeast of Power Inn and Gerber roads, was hosting a party for a friend. At 1 a.m. Wednesday, the friend was ready to leave but her white Toyota Corolla just wouldn’t drive.

Hoang said he came out and noticed the tires were flat.

“It made a zoom zoom sound,” he said.

Along Hayfield Circle and nearby streets, neighbors struggled to grapple with the unwanted Christmas surprise. Dozens of cars, old and new, were targeted.

Patrick Sy, 34, was set to attend church Christmas morning, until he noticed the flat tires on his Honda Accord.

“I walked around the block and soon found out it wasn’t just me,” Sy said Thursday morning.

Taking a quick smoke Thursday, Sy watched his car being loaded onto a flatbed truck. The Vacaville resident was forced to stay overnight at his fiancée’s home and skip half a day of work.

“I’m supposed to be in Concord right now,” said Sy, laughing nervously. “Guess I’m going to work remotely.”

For Sy, insurance will cover the new tires, minus a $100 deductible. Others aren’t so lucky.

“It’s going to cost me a couple hundred bucks,” said Marcos Bobadilla, 27.

Bobadilla’s two sedans had slashed tires. His green Toyota pickup truck was saved, perhaps because it was parked on the driveway.

“We went to bed at 2 a.m., but we didn’t hear anything,” Bobadilla said.

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies are investigating but do not have any suspect leads at this point, department spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Bowman said in an email.

“A lot of the victims have yet to file their reports. There won’t be a lot to look into unless someone (or a surveillance video) witnessed the person or persons who did this,” Bowman said.

Private surveillance video aired on Channel 3, KCRA, shows a man wearing a white baseball cap and a black jacket strolling from car to car, slashing the tires.

Local tire shops didn’t pass up the opportunity to service the damaged cars.

Antonio Recoder, assistant manager at the Les Schwab Tire Center on Elk Grove Florin Road, walked around the neighborhood late Wednesday and placed business cards on windshields.

In an interview, Recoder said the suspect likely used a box cutter to carry out the deed.

“When you cut in through the sidewall, it’s not repairable,” Recoder said. “Anything that penetrates the sidewall is irreplaceable because that’s how the vehicle carries the load.”

In some cases, residents will have to replace the whole set of tires to make sure tread wear is even, he added.

Bobadilla took the misfortune in stride. He and his wife drove to Reno on Thursday morning for their honeymoon; the couple married last Saturday.

“What are you going to do? We already booked everything,” he said.