Rocklin dog’s unusual feast earns award nomination

A Rocklin golden retriever is in the running for an award after eating a loaf of bread and five pounds of marinating meat.

Cali, owned by John Young of Rocklin, is vying for the 2014 VPI Hambone Award, a national honor reserved for pets that overcome health obstacles after unusual accidents. She is the November nominee for the award.

The award, handed out by VPI Pet Insurance, is named after a dog that became locked in a refrigerator and ate an entire Thanksgiving ham before being rescued. He recovered after a mild case of hypothermia.

Cali’s feast earned her the title of the most unusual claim submitted to the pet insurance company in November. About 80,000 claims were submitted, including a pooch who swallowed an acorn and a Labrador retriever who suffered broken bones when stuck in a coyote trap.

Cali’s devouring of the marinating London broil ended with a trip to the veterinarian. It began when Young left the meat and bread in the middle of the kitchen counter while he went to pick up his children from softball practice.

“When I returned home five minutes later, the first thing I saw was the bread bag on the kitchen floor and Cali laying by the couch with ‘that look’ in her eyes,” said Young in a press release from VPI.

Young took the dog to the veterinary hospital where they took X-rays and induced vomiting. Cali is fine now.

“Sudden changes in diet and extreme overconsumption of rich foods can cause pancreatitis,” said Carol McConnell, chief veterinary medical officer for VPI.

Stories and pictures of VPI Hambone Award nominees are at www.VPIHamboneAward.com.