Cronan Ranch to close to public two days for weed control project

Two popular recreation areas along the south fork of the American River in El Dorado County will be closed two days next week for a weed-control project.

The Bureau of Land Management will close the Cronan Ranch and Greenwood Creek parcels to public access Tuesday and Wednesday, when herbicides will be applied for invasive weed control. A notice will be posted on signs at the trailhead at least 24 hours before the application and closure signs will be posted during the herbicide application. Applications are planned along approximately 14 miles of trail edges to reduce weeds and make trails more accessible for recreational use, according to a BLM news release.

“We are taking an integrated weed management approach to control invasive plants,” Jeff Horn, outdoor recreation manager with the BLM’s Mother Lode Field Office, said in a written statement. “The weed treatments are needed to reduce invasive plants, predominantly yellow starthistle and medusahead.”

The Cronan Ranch and Greenwood Creek parcels area popular recreation areas because of their location along the river and a large trail network. Weed infestations can alter the use of trails and other areas, he noted.

In addition to herbicides, the BLM is using mowing, pulling and prescribed fire to help control the invasive weeds. The agency plans to use prescribed fire on 66 acres infested with yellow starthistle and medusahead within the Long Valley portion of the Cronan Ranch parcel, possibly later this year, officials said.

For more information, call the Mother Lode Field Office at (916) 941-3101.