Fix50 traffic smoothly flowing and project on schedule

Traffic was flowing smoothly Monday morning through the Fix50 work zone on Highway 50 downtown and the big construction project was progressing well, according to Caltrans.

“They are continuing the demo work on the roadway shoulders and the retaining wall and are laying rebar for the next concrete pour,” said Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton. “Everything seems to be going fine.”

The current phase includes several key closures. The two outside lanes on eastbound Highway 50 are closed as well as the 11th and 16th street on ramps.

The two major connector ramps to Highway 99 and Business 80 also are closed. Caltrans says those closures have caused a problem at the 59th Street exit further east of the project.

Some drivers have been making illegal U-turns to get from the 59th street off ramp directly onto the 59th Street on ramp heading west. The California Highway Patrol has positioned officers at the ramp to stop the illegal maneuvers.

Hornet Drive remains closed at Folsom Boulevard to through traffic. Caltrans is using Hornet Drive as a U-turn point for traffic that was unable to use closed Highway 99 and Business 80 connector ramps.

Caltrans is directing that traffic back westbound onto the highway to use the open ramps at the Highway 99-Business 80 interchange.