Fix50 Q&A: Readers focus on the next phase of the highway project

Hi there! With the Fix50 project ahead of schedule, will phase one of the westbound construction start earlier than May 27 as planned? – Adeline Yee, El Dorado Hills

No, it won’t. It looks likely that the contractor will finish repaving the eastbound side of the freeway before his May 21 deadline. That means crews will then move to the westbound side, and start 24-hour closures there. But the contractor has agreed not to start the westbound closures prior to May 27. One reason is that the state does not want any lanes closed during the Memorial Day weekend.

That said, crews already are doing temporary nighttime closures of up to two lanes on the westbound side for prep work. That work is being done most nights, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Workers and equipment are cleared out and all lanes open for each morning commute.

I travel to teach at a school off Highway 99 south of 50. Will the onramp to 99 be closed, and will I be able to get to 99 from 50 during the second phase of the Fix50? – Judy Kuhl, Shingle Springs

You should be fine. The connector ramp that is now closed from Highway 50 to Highway 99 is the one on the eastbound side of Highway 50. You will be coming west on 50, and that ramp will stay open during this phase and all subsequent phases. Drivers heading east, who want to loop over to southbound Highway 99 are being asked to stay on 50 and drive all the way out to the Howe/Power Inn exit, then loop down onto Hornet Drive, make a quick left back up onto Highway 50, then join you in taking the 99 connector from that side of the freeway.

Is the onramp to eastbound Highway 50 past the 16th Street onramp going to be closed? – Selina Sosa, Sacramento

You are talking about the handy little ramp that angles off of X Street just east of 27th Street, just beyond the construction zone. No, it is not closed, and won’t be throughout the Fix50 project. It turns out to be an easy way to get onto the freeway headed east toward Folsom for a lot of people who normally use the 11th and 16th streets onramps. Both of those are closed for the next week or two.