Fix50 slows evening commute

In an odd twist, traffic on westbound Highway 50 into downtown backed up Wednesday afternoon worse than it had during the morning commute.

As of 4:30 p.m., vehicles were stuck in slow-and-go traffic beyond 65th Street, a quarter-mile farther than during the morning commute.

The Highway 50 delays are caused by the closure of three lanes on the downtown W-X portion of the freeway for repair. The closures, which began Monday night, are expected to continue through June 10, followed by a second set of closures that will continue until June 25.

Highway 50 in Sacramento County is noted as the freeway with the heaviest two-way commute traffic both in the morning and evening, prompted by its use a central conduit between the region's two largest job bases, one in downtown Sacramento and the other in the industrial and office parks of Rancho Cordova.

That fact appeared to lead to estimated 20-minute delays westbound in the afternoon, while eastbound traffic out of downtown was light. Afternoon traffic was heavy as well on eastbound Business 80 leaving town, and on Interstate 80 eastbound in Natomas, according to the Sacbee.com live traffic map, an indication that some commuters were trying to avoid the Fix50 area.

Afternoon traffic on 50 eased considerably just past the Fix50 construction zone at 16th Street downtown.

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