Overnight ramp closures announced for Watt Avenue-Highway 50 interchange

Motorists can expect intermittent closures of onramps and offramps for the eastbound Watt Avenue at Highway 50 interchange late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The Sacramento County Department of Transportation announced that closures are scheduled from 10 p.m. Wednesday to 5 a.m. Thursday, with closure periods for each ramp lasting from two to four hours. Once work on a specific ramp is completed, the ramp will be reopened to motorists. The two onramps will not be closed at the same time.

Detours will be in effect during the closures:

• During closure of the eastbound Highway 50 offramp to Watt Avenue, eastbound Highway 50 motorists can exit at Howe Avenue and take Folsom Boulevard east to Watt Avenue. Motorists who miss the Howe Avenue exit can take the Bradshaw Road exit to Folsom Boulevard, west to Watt Avenue.

• During closure of the southbound Watt Avenue onramp to eastbound Highway 50, southbound motorists on Watt Avenue can make a U-turn at Manlove Road, proceed north on Watt Avenue and take the onramp to eastbound Highway 50.

• While the northbound Watt Avenue onramp to eastbound Highway 50 is closed, northbound motorists on Watt Avenue can exit at La Riviera Drive, turn left, take the onramp to southbound Watt Avenue, then continue to the onramp to eastbound Highway 50.

Motorists are advised to expect delays of five to 10 minutes during the detour period.

Work during the closures includes roadway paving.