Sac State adds bike lanes, parking

Sacramento State University has added new bike lanes and two more bike and skateboard parking compounds, but the school continues to designate most of the central part of the campus as a pedestrian-only zone to avoid conflicts.

“Sac State is hoping to encourage the use of alternative transportation to the campus, which could have a significant effect upon the current backlog of cars that occurs each day,” campus Police Chief Mark Iwasa said. “The program has a good mix of convenience and security for the bicyclist, while providing additional safety aspects for our pedestrians.”

The campus has five miles of green bike lanes, as well as signage reminding cyclists to share the path with pedestrians. The new lighted bike parking compounds are on the south and east sides of campus. The three campus compounds have space for 700 bikes. Cyclists can register their bikes for free with the Sacramento State Police Department. The school also has a bike shop, including bike rentals, at The WELL building.

University officials said the city is expected to delineate a bike lane from the 65th Street light rail station to the Hornet Crossing tunnel.