Pine tree flattens car in Sacramento jurors’ parking lot

A 100-feet tall pine tree snapped at the base of its trunk and crushed a car in the parking lot reserved for jurors in downtown Sacramento.

As Monday dawned the fairly new Mazda automobile in the parking lot across the street from the Sacramento County Courthouse, 720 Ninth Street, was still underneath the big tree. Crews had not yet begun the process of removal.

It does not appear that anyone was in the car when the tree fell. No police presence was noticeable Monday, other than yellow caution tape around the perimeter of the tree.

Before it fell, the tree was growing inside a small curbed island between parking spots in the asphalt lot where jurors arrive weekday mornings. The lot mostly empties when jurors leave for home around 5 p.m.

An arriving juror on Monday was taken aback when she saw the pancaked car in the lot 20 feet from where she has been parking for jury duty.

“I was stunned when I pulled in and saw the tree down,” said juror Sara Vance. “Then I saw the car and I was horrified.”