Folsom Lake drone recovered with video intact

An image from the drone video.
An image from the drone video.

A drone found in Folsom Lake in July contains some interesting video from above – and below – the water.

Anne-Marie Valentine said she found the drone on the shores of the receding lake on July 31. It was equipped with a video camera.

Once home from a vacation to the lake, Valentine’s family watched the video and saw not only the picture of the man who lost the drone, but images of its final flight June 6.

According to Valentine’s Facebook post, the video camera continued recording under water for 30 minutes, and at one point a carp is seen swimming by. Valentine wants to return the drone and needs help finding the owner. A clip of the last flight over the lake, pictures of the drone operator and the plunge into the water are posted here.


PLEASE SHARE TO SEE IF WE CAN LOCATE OWNER:DRONE FOUND at Folsom Lake at the Peninsula campground area at the bottom of the lake, or what was the bottom of the lake 2 months ago... On our wonderful camping weekend at Folsom Lake, we came across what I thought was a dead seagull upside down (from far away), but in fact it was a Drone, fully equipped with video camera in a water proof case. With the water going down about 6" a day it finally became visible, I picked it up and it spent the rest of the weekend with us, in that time my very interested 13 yr old boy opened up the waterproof case and took out the camera and found that there was a sim card in there. When we got home I plugged it in and found that it actually was protected enough and found the video of it going down and the plunge in to the water!!! As well as the video and image of the guy who lost it... The date of the last flight was June 6th 2015, we found it July 31st 2015, almost 2 months to the day it went under.. We think that this is pretty cool, and that the guy who lost it should get this back, so he can share his story about his lost drone, that spent 2 months under water and found and returned to him. So if you know this guy in this video/pic (white shirt) please let him know we have his Drone and would like him to have to back!!I will say this is just a clip of the video of it going down, but being there now and when he was there and the images of the lake where astounding, how much the water has gone down and still going.... also the video still recorded under water for 30 minutes, and in one of them you see carp swimming by! Awesome find, help me find the owner!!Pic of owner in comments... Thanks

Posted by Anne-Marie Valentine on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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