A.M. Sacramento: Here’s what you need to know for Monday

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know today, Monday, Dec. 1, 2014.

Wet weather on way: The showery Thanksgiving holiday weekend delivered 0.58 of an inch of rain to Sacramento. We could easily get that in two days as another wave of wet weather is expected to arrive on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday. Today, however, should be mostly cloudy without precipitation. The temperature today should be around 64 degrees in Sacramento.

Buy, buy, buy: Rents are rising, vacancy rates are falling, and out-of-town investors are swooping in, snapping up apartments with increasing alacrity. Sacramento, it seems, still presents relative bargains for investors coming in from high-priced parts of the state.

Speeding the meters: Long considered a community of water gluttons because of how that life essential is parceled out and billed, Sacramento is hurrying to install water meters that will bring it in line with most other communities in how residents pay up.

Unsung leader: Sacramentans know who Steve Cohn is – the long-serving city councilman who is stepping aside after many years with that body – but far fewer probably know Sue Brown. Despite that relative anonymity, Brown’s work has affected more city residents than know it.

Turning it around: Dennis Morgan once was heading nowhere, a drug addict on the street with few prospects. He now is a businessman, thankful for the chance Sacramento County’s drug court program gave him and sharing his message of hope.

Local sports: The Kings continue their home stand on Tuesday when they play the Toronto Raptors.