Winning lottery ticket from August – worth $63 million – about to expire

Lucky 7-Eleven store
Lucky 7-Eleven store California Lottery

Somebody is close to losing out on $63 million they won by picking the correct California Lottery numbers back in August.

Lottery officials said Tuesday that on Aug. 8, 2015, a ticket with winning numbers was purchased at a 7-Eleven store on Lassen Street in the Los Angeles County city of Chatsworth.

The owner of the ticket had 180 days from the lottery draw to claim the prize. That makes the deadline for claiming the $63 million the close of business Thursday.

The winning numbers are 46-1-33-30-16 and the Mega number 24.

A lump-sum payout would amount to $39.9 million before federal taxes. Otherwise, the $63 million would be paid out over 30 years.

If the prize remains unclaimed, the money will go to support public schools. The current largest unclaimed California Lottery prize is $28.5 million on a ticket sold in San Lorenzo, Alameda County, in September 2003.

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