Big rig driver suffers major injuries in I-80 crash into Sierra College Boulevard pillar

A big rig crashed into a support pillar of the Sierra College Boulevard overpass early Wednesday morning, inflicting major injuries to the driver.

CHP spokesman David Martinez said two lanes of the road were closed at the time of the accident, but there was little traffic in the area.

Swerves, hits dividers

Martinez said the big rig was driving in the slow lane on eastbound Interstate 80 when he swerved across three lanes and hit the concrete road divider separating westbound I-80 from eastbound I-80. The big rig then traveled about 300 feet and hit the first concrete pillar of the overpass.

The driver suffered major injuries and was transported to a local hospital, but is expected to live, Martinez said. No alcohol or foul play is believed to be involved in the accident, but fatigue may have been a factor in the crash, Martinez said.

The Sierra College Boulevard overpass has not been shut down, but the CHP will send engineers to investigate the damage later in the day. The overpass was redone last year, and the pillars were strengthed to withstand these type of impacts, Martinez said.

The crash caused oil and debris to spill on the highway, but CHP and local fire departments were able to contain and clean up the spillage.

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