Popular videos: What caught your attention this week at sacbee.com

Images of violence and its aftermath held the public’s attention during the week.
Images of violence and its aftermath held the public’s attention during the week. emartinez@sacbee.com

These were five of the videos that generated the most interest among sacbee.com audiences during the week ending Saturday, July 16, 2016.

1.) Sacramento police shoot, kill man with knife

A man who witnesses said was armed and acting erratically Monday morning died from injuries suffered in a shooting involving Sacramento police officers on Del Paso Boulevard.

2.) Explaining California's new assault weapon ban

New California laws will broaden the definition of prohibited assault weapons, cracking down on a quick-reloading device referred to as the "bullet button."

3.) Rocklin gun store burglars caught on camera

Two gun shops were hit by burglars Wednesday morning in Rocklin and Folsom. The quick-hitting smash and grab robberies occurred at STS Guns, 691 East Bidwell in Folsom, and the Rocklin Armory, 4800 Granite Drive. In this video from Rocklin Armory

4.) Forget Pokémon: This ‘app’ finds glasses of chardonnay

Comedienne Dena Blizzard introduces the fake app, "Chardonnay Go," that locates wine instead of Pokémon.

5.) Fresno police release body camera video of Dylan Noble shooting

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer on July 13 released officers' body camera videos from the June 25 fatal shooting of Dylan Noble. Police have not identified the officers, citing concern for their safety because of threats. The videos are each nearly

Bonus (this was the previous week’s top video, but people can’t get enough of heartwarming): Dog once left for dead, ‘Freeway Frida’ goes to new home

The German shepherd that spent weeks along Highway 99 is going home with Galt Officer Sylvia Coelho. Freeway Frida was suffering from a broken leg, malnutrition and other ailments.