Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don’t want to miss

Tostada, vampiro and carnitas taco (in a group of 3) at La Venadita taqueria in Oak Park on Tuesday, August 2, 2016.
Tostada, vampiro and carnitas taco (in a group of 3) at La Venadita taqueria in Oak Park on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. rbenton@sacbee.com

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1) Booming demand, state protections attract commercial surrogate birthing

Surrogacy has been done privately for years, often with a family member or friend willing to carry the baby. But the practice is quietly growing commercially as modern families change and more gay and foreign couples look to the U.S. for help.

2) Court spurns UC Davis harassment suit defense that cites First Amendment rights

The California anti-SLAPP statute has come under criticism from a panel of justices at the 1st District Court of Appeal for its potential for abuse.

3) New hope for Alzheimer’s? Researchers see first promising therapies in decades

For decades, Alzheimer’s has been silently ravaging brains, stealing memories and shortening the lives of millions of Americans. Now, researchers say they may be on the brink of tantalizing treatment breakthroughs that could for the first time at least slow the disease’s deadly progression.

4) A talker: At Oak Park’s La Venadita taqueria, service, value lag behind food

La Venadita, at 3 months old, probably would be more successful as part of one of those “best of summer” food and drink roundups than as subject of a full dining review.

5) Popular on Twitter: Conjoined twins from Antelope seek permission from FAA to fly on mom’s lap

Days before their second birthday, Erika and Eva Sandoval of Antelope are in their first legal battle as conjoined twins – a fight for the right to fly on an airplane in their mother’s lap.

The Sandoval family of Antelope is petitioning the FAA so their two-year-old conjoined twins Erika and Eva will be able to fly to see their brother graduate from military training in San Antonio.

6) Popular on Facebook: From boring lawn to water-wise yard, step by step

Landscape designer Roberta Walker has helped change the look of the streets where we live.

7) Popular on video: Sacramento locals competing in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Our staff took a look at who's competing and is from the Sacramento area. Here are the ten athletes competing in the Summer 2016 games.

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