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Sacramento City employee uses boat to chase after suspected barge thief

Bruce L. Klair
Bruce L. Klair Sacramento police

A city employee chased a suspected barge thief by boat and then boarded the vessel to help take him into custody.

The struggle on the normally tranquil waters at the city-owned Sacramento Marina began around 5:30 p.m. Monday when a man was spotted trying to take the barge. The city employee hopped in a boat and eventually caught and boarded the barge.

A struggle began between the suspected thief and the civil servant, according to a Sacramento police activity log. The employee restrained the suspected barge thief and soon a city park safety unit arrived to take him into custody.

The suspect, identified as Bruce L. Klair, 23, was brought to shore where officers arrested him on suspicion of assault, threats to cause injury and vessel theft.

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