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Ninja jacks puncturing tires all over the South Lake Tahoe area

Ninja Jacks
Ninja Jacks South Lake Tahoe police

Small pieces of metal called “ninja jacks” are puncturing tires in South Lake Tahoe, where a vandal is apparently sprinkling them on roadways.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department has received numerous reports of somebody scattering the small, sharp ninja jacks or caltrops on roads. The devices embed in a tire and cause a slow leak.

Police don’t know exactly where the motorists have run over the ninja jacks. But it appears to have occurred both within the city limits and in the unincorporated area of El Dorado County.

Police advise that drivers should not handle a ninja jack if they find one in a tire. Instead, contact police.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews