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Shot fired on New Year’s Eve leads to arrest of probationer in South Land Park

Jose Luis Reigoza-Ortega
Jose Luis Reigoza-Ortega Sacramento police

A man is suspected of firing gunshots in South Land Park late Saturday.

Sacramento police were initially told that a man had a firearm near a convenience store on 43rd Avenue near South Land Park Drive. Police believe he was causing some kind of disturbance.

He did not shoot the weapon at that time, but by the time officers arrived, police said he had fired the weapon about a half block away.

Officers found Jose Luis Reigoza-Ortega, 25, in the area and suspected that he had shot a weapon nearby. Officers searched him and a vehicle but did not find the firearm.

Police searched his nearby home on South Land Park Drive and found a firearm that officers believe he fired earlier.

Reigoza-Ortega was arrested on suspicion of being a convicted person having a concealed firearm, negligent discharge of a firearm, violating terms of probation and a half dozen other charges.

Police did not see any indication of property damage or injury from the gunshot.

“For some reason, on New Year’s Eve, people think it is a good idea to discharge a weapon,” said Officer Matthew McPhail, police spokesman. “Either they are indifferent or do not know that bullets do come down once they go up.”

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