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Suspicious packages in Roseville, Sacramento weren’t bombs, police say

Businesses re-opened late Monday afternoon across the street from the Westfield Galleria at Roseville after police determined a suspicious package was not a bomb.

Roseville police evacuated the Starbucks where the package was found and several surrounding stores before sending in the bomb squad, police spokesman Rob Baquera said. The package looked suspicious but wasn’t an explosive device, Baquera said.

Photos posted on Twitter showed a black bag with wires sticking out.

Starbucks employees called the police at 1:17 p.m. to report a man had dropped the package and left the coffee shop, he said.

The Starbucks shares a parking lot with Best Buy, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble and several restaurants.

Sacramento police were investigating a suspicious package in the parking lot of the Safeway at 19th and S Streets in Midtown at approximately the same time the Roseville bomb squad was gearing up.

Safeway employees called the police when they discovered an unusual box on a trashcan outside the store, said police spokesman Matt McPhail.

“It looks like at the end of the day it was probably just some discarded stuff that somebody didn’t want,” McPhail said. “Definitely not something that was explosive in nature.”

S Street was closed between 18th and 19th Streets for about two hours while the bomb squad X-rayed the box, he said. Part of the Safeway was cordoned off to keep people out of the vicinity of the package, but McPhail said there were no forced evacuations of surrounding businesses.

While the packaged turned out to be harmless, McPhail said it’s important that people call the police whenever they see something suspicious.

“See something, say something,” he said.

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