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Pickup hits herd on Jackson Highway; nine cows killed, two injured

Cows in a herd that got onto Jackson Road on Monday morning were killed or injured when a pickup hit the livestock.

The truck driver could not avoid hitting nearly a dozen cows, part of a herd of about 30 animals that had wandered onto or along the roadway near Jackson Road and Sunrise Boulevard about 5:30 a.m. Friday.

The pickup was heading westbound on Jackson Road when it struck the cows. The truck was badly damaged, but the driver was not injured.

In all, nine cows died and two had injuries, according to a Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation spokeswoman. Two of the cows were euthanized by ranchers before Sacramento County Animal Care arrived on the scene.

Nearby ranchers helped Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies corral uninjured cows until the owner of the livestock arrived and took over.

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