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Pod power: How high-tech eye above intersection found stolen car

Pod camera
Pod camera Sacramento Police Department

A special police camera with the capability to record car license plates has resulted in the arrest of a man from the Bay Area.

Sacramento police said a 2010 Toyota Camry reported stolen from the Bay Area traveled through the intersection of Truxel Road and Gateway Park Boulevard on Thursday night. A Police Observation Device, also known as a Pod, alerted officers who later found a man sitting in the car in a parking lot on West El Camino Avenue.

That man, Sirvuant White, 43, of Hayward was arrested on suspicion of auto theft and possession of drugs.

Police said Pod technology has maximized crime-fighting. A total of 56 Pods are deployed throughout the city.

The Pods, mounted high above intersections, have a police seal and a flashing blue light. They continuously record and officers can retrieve the data to search for vehicles and missing persons.

Some Pods can read license plates. Those devices alert officers in the field if a stolen vehicle has traveled by a Pod.

Officers then respond to the area and try to find the vehicle that has been flagged by the Pod.

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