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Biting, aggressive dogs running wild in Elk Grove are killed by police

Two dogs were shot and killed by Elk Grove police after they bit a jogger and posed a threat to officers and the safety of residents.

Elk Grove police said an animal services officer responded about 8:45 a.m. Thursday to the 9400 block of Misty River Way, where two aggressive German shepherd dogs were reported running loose in the neighborhood. One of the dogs had bitten a jogger.

Both dogs began barking, baring their teeth and charging at the animal service officer. The dogs began running in the neighborhood, foiling other attempts to catch them.

Arriving Elk Grove police were also subjected to the same aggressive behavior. When a police officer moved to get a beanbag shotgun to bring the animals under control, both dogs charged.

Because of that attack and the threat to people at a nearby school and park, a police officer shot one of the dogs. Both dogs continued to exhibit aggressive behavior, according to a police watch summary.

At that point, another police officer shot the other dog. Both dogs died.

The injured jogger did not require medical treatment at the scene. An investigation is being conducted to determine if the dogs were involved in at least two attacks on animals earlier Thursday.

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