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Why ducklings in Placer County needed a helping hand from deputy, animal control

A Placer County deputy and animal control officers went above and beyond duty to keep some orphaned ducklings from becoming roadkill.

A deputy came upon the downy ducklings crossing North Lake Tahoe Boulevard and worried about their safety. She used her patrol vehicle to block traffic, allowing them to get to the side of the road. The story didn’t end there.

Once on the side of the road, the birds huddled under a parked vehicle. An arriving animal control officer tried to snag them with a net, but the net was too big.

The ducklings waddled along the gutter and down into a sewer drain covered by a grate. A vehicle parked over the grate prevented rescue until the deputy found the vehicle owner and got the vehicle moved.

A second animal control officer arrived and the drain cover was removed. That allowed the frightened ducklings to be captured with a smaller net.

The ducklings were then on their way to a wildlife rescue group, where they will be trained to survive with parents, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Facebook post.

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