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Tire theft series in Davis leaves 11 vehicles up on blocks

In Davis, a thief may be stealing paving stones to prop up vehicles before making off with rims and tires.

In the past week, Davis police officers have taken five reports of stolen tires. There have been 11 such thefts in the past six months.

Most victims found their vehicles minus tires and resting on paving stones or cinder blocks. The department also received a report of stolen paving stones.

Could the thefts be connected? Officers recommend residents be on the lookout for a late 1990s Dodge Durango, or similar vehicle.

Davis police have tips for preventing tire theft:

▪ Park vehicles in a garage.

▪ No garage? Park in well-lit area.

▪ Set any alarm or anti-theft device.

▪ Purchase wheel locks to prevent lug nuts from being turned.

▪ Turn wheels when parked. A tire turned in a wheel well is more difficult to remove.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews