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Deputies fired on cars racing toward them at Loomis estate in ’97. Were arrests made?

Q: Whatever happened in the 1990s when Placer County sheriff’s deputies had a shootout in Loomis with four teens that were driving a car?

Karen E., Roseville

A: Five men ages 19 and 21, as well as a 17-year-old girl, were arrested following an alleged burglary and confrontation with Placer County sheriff’s deputies on the grounds of a Loomis estate in April 1997.

According to a story in The Sacramento Bee, a sheriff’s spokesman said deputies Ron Goodpaster and Dennis Walsh responded to an after-midnight 911 call from Loomis resident Betty Rose, who reported that three people were wandering around outside her house and pond areas.

As the deputies approached, they heard glass breaking and encountered Jason Samir Leal of Fair Oaks and Kory Taylor O’Brien of Orangevale, who tried to run away. The deputies caught the two men and were handcuffing them when two cars roared over the hill from the back of the property and, bumper-to-bumper, headed toward the deputies on the driveway/access road leading to Wells Avenue.

The deputies opened fire when the Ford Probe and Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan tried to hit them, the sheriff’s spokesman said. Both cars continued down the access road, but the Probe was found stopped at Wells Avenue. The driver, Myles Jacob Watson of Citrus Heights, had a bullet wound to his forearm and a ricochet gash in his forehead, neither of which was life-threatening. Also arrested on the Wells Avenue property was Michael Anthony Deturo of Orangevale.

The occupants of the Oldsmobile escaped, but the car was found abandoned later and was traced to the 17-year-old girl. She was arrested at the apartment of another suspect, Jose Lemus of Citrus Heights.

Rosalinda Cruz, a spokeswoman for the Placer County Superior Court, said court records showed that Deturo, Leal, O’Brien and Watson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a crime. Deturo and Watson were sentenced to 120 days in jail, Leal to 20 days in jail and O’Brien to 30 days in jail. Lemus faced the same charges as the other four, but because of a change in the court’s records system, no information was available on the disposition of his case, Cruz said.

The 17-year-old girl was booked into juvenile hall wand was not named because of her age.

Q: A young woman I knew in the late ’70s was killed during a shooting at a bar on Silica Avenue in North Sacramento. I believe she was originally from South Dakota, first name Rhonda. Were there other victims and was the crime ever solved?

Doug Rowell, Sacramento

A: Rhonda Faye Lyons was one of three people shot to death in October 1982 at the Mother Lode Bar on Silica Avenue in North Sacramento.

Killed along with Lyons, a 26-year-old Carmichael hairdresser, were Randall Scott Sherwood, 28, a Carmichael bar owner, and Pamela Ann McCoy, 27, a convenience store clerk. Nine other people were wounded.

According to stories in The Sacramento Bee, Douglas Arthur Mozingo, an unemployed carpenter, and a friend had fought with a customer at the bar about 8 p.m. Oct. 2 and were asked to leave. They left quietly, but Mozingo returned with a gun. He burst through doorway with a .30-caliber rifle, spraying bullets through the room, then fled.

Three hours after the shootings, Mozingo was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center as the victim of an attempted suicide.

Mozingo was charged with three counts of murder and nine counts of attempted murder. He was awaiting trial and a California Supreme Court decision on his request for a change of venue in October 1985 when he a was found dead in his Placer County jail cell after apparently hanging himself.

The day before his death, Mozingo and three other inmates were captured after a dramatic escape from Placer County’s new $5 million jail. During their brief period of freedom, they stole weapons and cars to use in their escape. Mozingo had been placed in a single cell in a security unit after his capture.

Cathy Locke

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