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Two more intersections in Citrus Heights get red-light cameras

Two more intersections in Citrus Heights that police deemed a high-risk for collisions and traffic violations now have cameras that capture when drivers run red lights.

The cameras began operating Friday at Greenback Lane and Auburn Boulevard and at Greenback and Parkoaks Drive. The Citrus Heights Police Department started using cameras to enforce red light violations in 2008. With the latest additions, the city has 10 cameras monitoring eight intersections.

“We’ve experienced a reduction in collisions at every single one of those intersections,” said Lt. David Gutierrez of the Citrus Heights Police Department.

For a 30-day “grace period” ending Aug. 25, drivers in the newly monitored locations who run a red light or fail to fully stop before a right turn on red won’t be cited. They will only receive a warning.

Starting Aug. 26, though, violators will get a $481 fine.

The Citrus Heights website reminds drivers that just because a camera flashes while they are in an intersection does not mean they will be cited.

“Sometimes the red light camera flashes in the intersection for a vehicle that has run a light from another direction,” the website states. “Just because the light flashes, this does not mean it is taking a photo of you.”

The cameras send video footage to specially trained officers who decide if a violation occurred and if the driver can be identified.

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