Crime - Sacto 911

Officers respond to levee fire and discover a man with an unusual weapon

Officers responding to a small levee fire late Saturday afternoon discovered an unusual crime, according to Sacramento police.

People on the levee just north of downtown saw a man start the fire, said police spokesman Detective Eddie MacCaulay. Another man went to confront the alleged fire-starter, but the man accused of arson pulled out a 26-inch sword. The alleged arsonist went after the confronter with the sword, but tripped and fell, MacCaulay said.

The responding officers were driving past at around 5 p.m. on North 18th Street and Dreher Street and spotted the fire on the south levee of the American River. Witnesses told the officers the man who started the fire was armed with a sword.

“They go down there and the guy has a sword on his belt,” MacCaulay said. The sword-wielding man was arrested on suspicion of attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

The Fire Department responded and put out the fire.

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