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Parking lot visit with a woman he met online goes wrong. Man avoids gunfire

A man told police he sped from a South Natomas parking lot, avoiding gunfire, after a late-night meeting with a woman he met online went wrong, the Sacramento Police Department reported.

Officers with the department discovered the shooting early Friday after pulling the man over for a traffic violation at Truxel Road and West El Camino Avenue at 12:08 a.m. and noticing the car’s back window had been hit by a bullet.

“(The man was) driving around erratically, so the officer goes to pull him over,” said Linda Matthew, a department spokeswoman. “The officer said he could hear the glass still crackling.”

The man told police the shooting had happened shortly before, about a mile away, while he was meeting a woman at a parking lot at Truxel and San Juan roads, near the FoodMaxx grocery store. As he was talking to the woman, he told police he noticed a man sneaking up toward the car’s passenger side, Matthew said.

Sensing that something was wrong, the man fled the parking lot in his car. As he sped off, the back window of his car was hit by gun fire.

Officers returned to the scene of the shooting to investigate, though no arrests have been made. The man who was pulled over did not give police additional information about how he had met the woman or what the meeting was for. He was not hurt.

In February, police warned of a crime trend that targeted men through the use of dating apps, social media networks and online forums. In that instance, 10 men were robbed while attempting to meet with women they met online in a two-week period, police said.

The robberies were reported at different locations within Sacramento, with many of the victims being approached by people with guns. The department urged people to use caution when meeting people online to either buy something or go on a date, encouraging them to do so during the day and in crowded, public places.

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