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What happened to man who shot and killed neighbor after locking himself out of home?

Q: What happened to the case where Donald T. Wright shot and killed his neighbor in North Sacramento?

Tina, Sacramento

A: Donald Thomas Wright was convicted of second-degree murder in the November 1999 shooting death of his neighbor, 35-year-old Edward Castro Sanchez.

Sanchez, the father of four children, was watching videos with his family in their home on Jasmine Street in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights area when Wright came to his door about midnight, saying he had locked himself out of his home. Sanchez made an unsuccessful attempt to find a locksmith and when he asked Wright to leave, Wright shot Sanchez in front of his wife and children, according to stories in The Sacramento Bee. He then turned the gun on a friend, identified as Clarence Redoble, hitting him in the leg and causing minor injuries.

Wright’s lawyer sought to prove that Wright suffered from “amphetamine induced psychotic disorder,” and that because of his drug use and mental illness, he was not fully responsible for his actions when he shot Sanchez.

The jury concluded that Wright committed the crime solely because he was on drugs and not because he was mentally ill.

Wright was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison, according to Sacramento Superior Court records available online. Now 72 years old, Wright is at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville.

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