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Man found dead in vehicle along Highway 50 identified by Coroner’s Office

A man found dead with a gunshot wound in a vehicle on the shoulder of Highway 50 early Tuesday has been identified on the Sacramento County coroner’s website as 29-year-old Brendan Muranaga.

California Highway Patrol officers found Muranaga about 2:30 a.m. after they spotted a car pulled over on the side of eastbound highway 50 neat East Bidwell Street, according to Officer Tommy Riggin, CHP spokesman. They approached the car and found an unresponsive man lying in the back seat.

Officers broke through the front passenger window to see if the man had experienced a medical episode and called the Folsom Fire Department. As officers pulled the man out of the car, they noticed that he had a gunshot wound in his chest and they found a firearm in the back seat.

Investigators had not concluded whether the bullet wound, which was believed to have been self-inflicted, was intentional.

The coroner’s website did not classify the cause of death nor list Muranaga’s city of residence. The CHP said Tuesday that he was from Antelope.