Crime - Sacto 911

Police close Davis Amtrak station, stalling trains east and west of the city

The Davis Amtrak station closed Thursday morning after police responded to a suspicious package near Second and H Streets in downtown Davis.

An Amtrak employee found a box tied shut with terrycloth towel strips lying on a plaza outside the train station at around 8 a.m., Davis Police Department Sgt. Dan Powell said.

Powell went out with the Yolo County Bomb Squad and remotely detonated a small explosive charge on the box at around 9:30 a.m. — not enough to blow anything up, he said, just enough to open the box and possibly disable its contents. Inside, Powell found a number of old textbooks.

"We have a local transient that collects stuff and leaves it in random locations, and this really looks like something he'd do, though we haven't contacted him to verify that," Powell said. "It did not look malicious."

G and H Streets were closed between First and Third Streets, according to the Davis Police Department, and trains from Sacramento and Fairfield were held until the station was reopened at 9:35 a.m. Train 531 from Sacramento was parked outside the Davis station and delayed for 43 minutes on its return route, while Train 524 remained in Fairfield for 39 additional minutes until the threat was cleared.

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