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Unconscious 14-year-old girl pulled out of American River, officials say

Here's how to stay safe on the waterways

Rivers and lakes are running fast and cold. Tips to stay safe on Memorial Day weekend.
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Rivers and lakes are running fast and cold. Tips to stay safe on Memorial Day weekend.

A 14-year-old girl was pulled out of the American River and flown to a local hospital Sunday, authorities said.

Bystanders found the victim underwater near Hagan Community Park and pulled her out, said Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Capt. Chris Vestal. He could not confirm if she was wearing a life jacket.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department was close to the scene and performed CPR until a Metro Fire team arrived.

Metro Fire continued to perform CPR until the victim began to breathe on her own, Vestal said. She did not gain consciousness and was was flown to a local hospital in a helicopter, he said.

With temperatures expected to soar past 100 degrees this weekend, Vestal urged people to exercise caution around the region's rivers.

A Sacramento County ordinance requires parents or guardians to ensure children under age 13 wear an approved life preserver if they enter public waters. The county provides life preservers for free at several borrowing stations along the American River.

He said the current temperature of the American River is 57 degrees, and he doesn’t expect it to fluctuate much. According to The National Center for Cold Water Safety, swimming in water below 60 degrees Fahrenheit is immediately life-threatening.

Vestal said that currents in that area were not particularly strong, though he encouraged swimmers to use caution and read all posted signs prior to entering the river.