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'Chaotic and very scary': Shootout in Orangevale parking lot causes panic at concert

Two groups of people shot at each other Friday night in a parking lot outside a concert in Orangevale, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

Two members of the groups were hit in the foot, and nearby cars were also struck by the barrage of shots, Deputy Rod Grassmann said. One of the two men who was shot walked into the concert at the Boardwalk, a night club, and "was bleeding all over the dance floor," Grassmann said.

The injured man and sounds of gunfire caused concertgoers to panic, fearing a shooting inside, Grassmann said.

"People were taking cover; we had multiple 911 calls," he said. One female injured her hand trying to escape, he said.

The injured men and the gunmen in the parking lot had left by the time deputies arrived, Grassmann said, but both victims showed up at nearby hospitals later that night.

The injured men are believed to be "true victims," meaning neither held a gun during the shooting, but they are refusing to answer questions about the incident, he said.

No arrests have been made, and possible gang involvement is part of the investigation, Grassman said.

Boardwalk owner Mark Earl said the establishment closed its doors and had the 80 or 90 people inside hide with security personnel when the fight broke out.

"It was chaotic and very scary," Earl said. "Apparently, two separate groups of people decided to jump in and things escalated outside in the parking lot. We screen the customers when they enter for any type on contraband or weapons, but have little control over what they may have in their cars. They appeared to be leaving and then came back with guns clearly visible on the security cameras."

Earl said the incident made him rethink the types of concerts the Boardwalk will host in the future. Friday night's event, dubbed "The Sacramento Showcase Part III," starred Lil Darrion and G Man.

"We have decided that we will no longer be doing any hip hop or rap-type events as the climate around these events have become way too tense and there seem to be elements in these types of crowds that can cause problems for all," he said. "Crowd and employee safety is our main concern moving forward, and as the owner I have decided not to put anyone else in these types of situations."