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More decapitated animals found in Sacramento

Months after a series of animal mutilations in the Sacramento region appeared to have ended, officials reported another incident Saturday night involving several decapitated animals and a bagful of dead chickens.

The find brings to more than a dozen the number of such discoveries since the start of the year, said Gina Knepp, head of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter.

Knepp said her husband, Christopher Knepp, made the grisly find about 6:30 p.m. Saturday while searching for a stray dog.

He discovered the body of a goat with its head placed next to it on the light-rail tracks on 26th Avenue between 24th Street and Franklin Boulevard. The bag of chickens was next to it, along with a decapitated rat and decapitated catfish.

Authorities believe they have an eyewitness to the incident as well as video from nearby surveillance cameras, and Regional Transit and police are responding.

“This is the biggest lead we’ve ever had,” she said.

Officials have reported a number of decapitated goats, birds and even cows in parks, remote areas and along the light-rail tracks in recent months.

“It’s more than a dozen since the first of the year,” Gina Knepp said. “I don’t understand it. They did it someplace else because there’s no blood there.”

Knepp added that another incident had been discovered several weeks ago but that authorities had decided not to publicize that one.

Anyone with information is asked to call 916-808-8333.